Wibki is an easy way to browse and discover the Web with your friend.

Wibki’s essence is its cloud based visual bookmarking tool. Instead of endless bookmark lists offered on current browsers, Wibki offers a beautiful homepage that contains the logos of the sites users save, thus enabling them a faster and more intuitive approach to browsing. Wibki will become your content hub for the Web.

The major benefit of using Wibki is the ability to access your services on any device from any location (laptops, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs). Wibki’s platform enables us to collect extensive data regarding users’ browsing habits which will be used in two ways: 1. we plan to make Wibki a social network that adapts according to how you spend your time online, taking web discovery to a whole new level. 2. We will develop and implement an innovative ad-network that suggests sponsored listings based on actual web usage–not according to your searches or likes. This will change the online advertising ecosystem as we know it today.

For more information, please visit Wibiki.com



About the founders:

Shachar Pessis, Cofounder and CEO – In charge of the Company’s business development and affiliation accounts; head of financial operations including performance and reports; oversees marketing strategy, content, and communications; human resources and recruiting. Before founding Wibki & All My Faves, Shachar worked for Tamir Fishman, one of Israel’s top full-service financial groups where he was responsible of leading a team of 30 employees and managed the Corporate Benefits of over 80 senior managements of Major Israeli and global companies. Shachar has a B.A. in Economics and Accounting (Ben-Gurion University). www.linkedin.com/in/shacharpessis

Roy Pessis, Cofounder and CTO – Responsible for the technological oversight of Wibki, existing technical frameworks, product development; head of research and development. Roy served in an elite technology intelligence division (8200) of the Israeli Defense Force for three years. Prior to Wibki & All My Faves, Roy held the position of Test Engineer at Kidaro Ltd., a leading provider of innovative virtualization solutions to address desktop computing. Kidaro Ltd. was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in March 2008. Following the acquisition, he worked at Microsoft’s Israeli Development Center as part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack team (MDOP). Roy has a B.A in Management with a major in IT (IDC Herzelia). www.linkedin.com/in/roypessis


Seed – We are seeking 750k for further development of the recommendation engine while improving the browsing experience on various platforms. Part of the funding will be secured for executing our detailed go to market strategy.

What we need know?

We’re thinking big. We’re not afraid to say it. The StartUpGrind community can get us up close and personal with industry leaders who can understand our ambitious goals from a place of experience. With you guidance and exposure, we can make Wibki’s vision a global reality.Needless to say that if funding or beta testers will result from this experience then it will be invaluable for us.

Did you know?

We met 28 years ago. Shachar was 10 when Roy was born, we are brothers.

As entrepreneurs we met 7 years ago. Shachar approached Roy and asked if he can build a visual portal. Roy said that it will take him two weeks, these two weeks have started our journey as a bootstrap company that have reached more than 150 million visits and revenues of more than $1.2M. Today the brothers are working on their new venture called Wibki.