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With the mobile revolution practically taking place everywhere around us, marketers and advertisers keep seeking new ways to engage consumers and drive traffic and sales from mobile devices.Spot Games Post Image 001
Spot Games has put itself up to this challenge and created a unique mobile Demand Side Platform designed specifically for performance players such as online sellers and affiliates.
spotgames provides an integrated self-service platform to easily create branded rich-media ads, define target audiences and set-up a campaign budget and a spend policy.
Spot Games Post Image 002 spotgames creative GAmified Media Ads (GAMA™) are aligned with common e-commerce marketing practices such as rewards, contests and sweepstakes. With games being the most common activity on smart-phones, no wonder these ads keep showing outstanding engagement rates (as high as ~60%).
At the same time, spotgames back-end is taking advantage of platforms integration and its Real-Time-Bidding mechanism to allow optimized targeting and a spend policy that is programmatically aligned with the campaign’s anticipated income.

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About the founders:

Sagiv Ben-Shaul, spotgmes’ CEO, is a creative engineer with vast experience in architecture and development of web and mobile technologies. Sagiv is the former CTO and co-founder of PNMsoft, and has previously received the IDF Chief Of Staff award of excellence.

Yoav Oz, spotgames’ VP BizDev, is best at bringing entrepreneurship into the advertising world. From his first start-up founded when he was only sixteen, Yoav moved into strategic planning at DDB and later managed startup acceleration programs both with DDB Israel and the Tel-Aviv University.

Avner Avrahami, spotgames’ Chief Creative Officer is an outstanding designer and illustrator, has been the co-founder of and a graduate of Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem.



spotgames is already providing its services to hand-picked customers and working together with leading platforms serving as design partners. spotgames is looking to announce its public beta through the second quarter of 2014.


What we need now ?

We have gathered an exceptional team to help us execute our plan and make our vision a reality. We are in advanced stages of securing the required funds for that, but still welcome any interest from potential investors.