Sponger is a social crowd-funding game, based in the idea that small money from lots of people adds up to a big money. We’re starting up a community where everyone sponsor everyone else in a really fun way, giving people a real chance to fund their personal dreams. Sponger is the first player to bring in true gamification to this field, making crowd-funding feasible to the simple guy for the simple and personal desires, and not just for entrepreneurs or those who have something to give in return

For more information, please visit Sponger.me

About the founders:

Shai – Frontend Programming, UI & UX Design.

David – UX & graphic design,  Backend programming and cloud infrastructure (Linux servers, DBs, etc.).

We met in Fiverr, where we’ve worked together over a year- Shai as a Frontend and Backend developer, and David as a DevOps engineer and a Backend developer.


Our website is up and running, starting to gain user content and increase of user base every passing day. We’re on seed round right now, looking for initial investment to serve our marketing efforts and our next development stages.

What we need know?

We would love to get feedback about our product from the community, and some help with crossing the sea to the US market (we’re looking for a professional growth hacker to partner with us). Of course that an investment will be of great help at this stage.

Did you know?

Sponger is really a guy who live on someone else’s expenses, but our mission is to legitimize this title by creating an ecosystem where since all community members are spongers, nobody is really a sucker :)