smart cinema

SmartCinema – The ultimate solution for 2D+3D content.
SmartCinema surmounts the content barrier. Our patent pending VR goggles can transform any content on any Smartphone into a stunning
cinematic experience on the move. With the flip of a button you can shift between 2D (Full Screen) or 3D (SbS) view with no complex programs augmentation aid.
Simply load a video, a game, relax and enjoy the stellar viewing experience. Ever dreamed you could watch TV, play games or
entertain social media on a movie screen on the move? Now you can like never before, no matter what age you are and how well your vision is.
Features and Benefits:
Cinema-like Viewing Experience – View regular content on your Smartphone and feel like you are sitting in the middle of movie theater
Natural Sight – No strain in the eyes – view like in cinema
• Landscape 16:9 View in addition to portrait 8:9 in VR headsets
Foldable Design – Easy for traveling and low cost shipments
Cross-Device/Cross Content Compatibility – works with any Smartphone and any content
Touch based Control option – no external controller needed
The Founders:
Arthur Rabner, Ph.D. – Founder
20 years experience in designing of ophthalmic/optometric devices, electro-optics and computing engineering hardware
Ph.D. in Physical Electronics; M.Sc. in Bio-Medical Engineering, both from Tel-Aviv University
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering – Technion
• Development began Q2-2014
• Focus Group shows strong enthusiasm
• Patent pending
• Concept proved, prototypes available
• Industrial design in process
• Fully self-funded

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