Competitive Edge:
shopnfly, the first online marketplace combining travel and shopping sectors. It saves travelers time and money on international shopping by creating a new direct channel to brands and retailers and a new revenue channel to the travel industry.
Product Description:
shopnfly is the first shopping marketplace for travellers.
Input: trip origin, destination and desired product; shopnfly finds the product at all points in the journey.
Customers then complete the transaction within shopnfly.
The order will be waiting for them at duty free collection or even their hotel counter.
shopnfly vision is to become the one-stop: of shopping.
Market Opportunity:
shopnfly creates a revolutionary revenue channel for a growing travel industry. On average, 20% of a traveller’s expenditure is on shopping, adding up to $260Bn/year in sales, globally. The trend of shoppers moving online is unceasing. Implementing preorder shopping as a pre-travel essential is a major fiscal opportunity, as it was to pre-booking hotels, cars and attractions.

The Founders:
Guy Gaash – CEO & Co-founder
Guy has over 10 years of experience in the online industry, in both large software corporations and startup companies (Odysii, Amadesa and YP). He has a high level of expertise in digital products, online marketing and management strategy. Guy holds an MBA in Global Strategy & Marketing, IDC & Wharton GCP program.

Eylon Steiner – CTO & Co-founder
Eylon has a vast experience in software development and leading, focused in scalable web and mobile applications. Co-Founder and Ex-VP R&D of Kampyle and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion of Haifa.

Seed funded

What do you think the community can help you with? (Connections, Beta testers, employees, investment, professional services, law or accountant services, share skills and ideas, business consultancy, review, downloading etc.)
The community could greatly help us by continuing to grow our network of connections in the travel industry. If you know anyone in an Online Travel Agency or Global Distribution Systems, looking for entirely new revenue channel, that would be invaluable. Also, contacts with any major retailer, anywhere in the world, looking for a new distribution channel would also help.
We are expanding and looking for talented people and partners to join us, or anyone willing to share skills in the travel or retail industries.
If you know anyone flying soon, make sure to let them know that there’s a better way to do all their travel shopping, from home!