Pixtr logo
Pixtr makes people photogenic. It understands the content of the image and uses it to automatically improve the pictures.
With a touch of a button we detect the faces and analyze them we find the gender, age, face structure of the subject and tailor a solution that will fit him accordingly.
We actually crowedsourced beauty, by using machine learning algorithms we learn the standards of different categories and use it to perfect the algorithm.
The Founders:
Yaron Recher – CEO and Co-founder, Computer engineering degree from the Technion, 8 years industry experience, working for Zoran, MobiWize, Startups consultant
Aviv Gadot – Business Development and Co-founder, Electrical Engineering and Economics degrees from the Technion, 8 years industry experience, working for Intel ,Hoshen-Eliav (Mafat), VidYo
Alon Muroch – VP R&D, Economics from the university of Rome, Started programing at the age of 13, Open source advocate, Android & iOS expert
20K prize winning Intel Global Challenge 1st place Europe Pre-seed money 25K from Uri Levine (Waze) Self funded + sales income
What do you think the community can help you with?:
Connections, professional services, ideas+skills, review We believe that real feedback is more likely to get in a face to face meetings
Special trivia fact about you, so nobody will forget your name:
Pixtr began as a real need of one of the founders- Aviv Gadot, His wife is beautiful but she hates the way she comes out in her pictures. So every time he took photos of her she always
grabbed his phone and start deleting them, so he and Yaron thought together on a way to help her feel more comfortable with how she looks in her pictures.