MyQuest helps people reach their goals and dreams.
Lose weight, find love, grow your business or run 5Km, we make any goal accessible and achievable!

Although there are millions of mentors and experts that can help us making things happen.
92% of the people fail to reach their goals. (University of Scranton research)

Our quest is to change that.

Via our platform, mentors, coaches and bloggers create Real Life Quests
Each quest is a gamified goal driven journey, led by a mentor and followed by a supportive community.

We recently launched the platform and our first weight loss quest was sold for more than $45,000 with the highest success rate compared to the industry
Today we join forces with top leaders to write their quests such as Dan Ariely and more…

We’re creating the Quest Store – the “App Store” for life goals and dreams.

The Founders:
Edan Kertis, Co founder & CEO

Oded Apel, Co founder & CTO

Itzik Hav, Co founder & Front-end expert

Nir Haimovitch & Shelly Simcha – UX/UI designers

We are all very good friends and know each other for many years.
Every team member brings with him more than 8 years of experience in his field.

We are totally bootstrapped and about to close our seed round.
What do you think the community can help you with?
We would love to reach visionary investors to join our quest.
We’re also looking for a CMO/Biz Dev (best having a female here)
Special trivia fact about you, so nobody will forget your name:
Leave us, but think to yourself – what is YOUR quest?
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