Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety – creating communities of people who are ready to help each other in times of need. Founded in 2012 by Shaul Avidov in Israel after two young women were attacked near a busy nightclub not far from his home.
Shaul knew that if only someone in that nightclub had known they would have gone to help Utilizing mobile and crowd-sourcing technologies, Musketeer creates a complete personal safety solution for any type of distress. A simple call for help through the Musketeer mobile app or SDK alerts the right people, and empowers them with the right information and tools to help. Musketeers nearby, personal contacts, and/or emergency services combine to form a personal safety net that goes with you anywhere anytime. Smarter cities, informed companies, and any other community of people seeking next generation personal safety, need Musketeer!
The Founders:
Shaul Avidov – Shaul selflessly served in the IDF for 23 years and now brings both passion and structure to Musketeer biz dev.
David Cohen – David combines practical engineering with people management to create a smooth, well-maintained Musketeer operating machine.
Jason Wolf – Jason leads the Musketeer team with over 17 years in high-tech management roles, translating vision into management strategy.
Musketeer is a Seed stage Startup
What do you think the community can help you with?:
The community can help Musketeer spread the word through friends, family, business connections, political leaders, and other community influencers. In addition, we are looking to partner with other safety and security related services, like police, fire, medical, and private EMS.
Special trivia fact about you, so nobody will forget your name:
25 years ago, Shaul Avido’s older sister brought home a young Special Forces officer…..Jason Wolf since became his brother-in-law, life-long friend, and Musketeer CEO can co-founder.