fringefy 400
Fringefy develops a visual search engine that helps people discover local content and services in the outdoor urban environment. While conventional local search is query or proximity based, Fringefy browses content by using peoples’ prime sense – vision.
The engine enables mobile and wearable devices to see what the user sees, and generate high intent, fast, and accurate search results.

The Founders:
Amir Adamov, CEO. Chief flight instructor at Israel Air Force, with vast experience in head-mounted display systems usage and instruction. MBA in finance at IDC.
Stav Yagev, CTO. Serial innovator. Israel Air Force deputy squadron commander, with advanced team leading experience. MSc Math and Computer Science at WIS, computer vision proficiency.
Assif Ziv, VPE. Multidisciplinary experience in tech ventures, team management, and full stack development. MSc Cognitive Science at HUJI, machine learning proficiency.

Seed funded by Explore Ventures, Plus Ventures, 2B Angels.

What do you think the community can help you with?
Employees, investment, professional services, law or accountant services, share skills and ideas, business consultancy, review, downloading etc.)
All of the above. Top 3: Investments, Connections with developer networks, Beta testers.

Special trivia fact about you, so nobody will forget your name:
Fringe: not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.