Moshe Hogeg (Mobli)

Profile 300Moshe Hogeg is an Israeli Businessman and Tech Entrepreneur. Moshe is the Managing Partner and Chairman of Singulariteam, a Private Investment Fund dedicated to assisting early stage tech companies requiring seed capital and is considers to be one of Israel’s top private investors.
Moshe also serves as Founder and CEO of mobli, a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes by sharing pictures, videos and live broadcasts from around the world. Hogeg founded mobli in 2010 and it is reported to have 15 million users as of May 2014.
Also Co-Founded by Hogeg in 2014, YO has been the first app to reach the 1M users in 4 days! The app currently has over 4 million users and a vast network of business collaborations with other companies using YO’s API and unique features.
Moshe believes in People, Product and Market. if you are a leader with a “one of a kind” product in a big market you might get his attention..

Interview with Moshe Hogeg (Mobli Media)

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Oct 21, 2014 · 18:00
Homa Umigdal 29, Tel Aviv, Israel



18:00 – Networking & Startup competition
19:00 – Whats new since last month?
19:15 – Interview Moshe Hogeg (Mobli)
19:45 – Networking activity
20:00 – Beer & Food
21:30 – Love you but please…

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