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Google is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and our products.
Schindler Financial Consulting and Outsourcing provides financial services to startups, technology companies and local branches of multinational companies that do not have in-house financial expertise. We supply our clients with high quality and cost effective solution that covers the full range of financial department functions.
LeumiTech is the financial home of Israeli high-tech. LeumiTech specializes in supporting start-ups and growth companies with all their financing needs through dedicated high-tech teams located across the country and in major high-tech hubs around the world.
LeumiTech was created as part of Leumi – the primary financial group for the Israeli high-tech industry. With a comprehensive array of high-tech specific banking products, emphasis on in house innovation and strong relationships with leading funds, investors, incubators and other industry service providers, LeumiTech is here to help you make it!
We are a midsize boutique law firm, which allows you to enjoy the skills and experience of a large firm, with a personal intimate touch.
Through a deep understanding of your business, we are able to cater to your unique needs and provide you a full range of tailor-made legal solutions.
Our firm represents Israeli and multi-national technology companies – from seed to fully-mature companies – in complex commercial transactions.
We are regularly involved in the venture financing of our start-up and mid-level clients as they succeed in securing rounds of investment on their way to growth and world markets.
Our corporate clients enjoy our advice in all their ongoing activities, from founders and shareholders agreements, through shareholder and board actions, relationships with employees and contractors, anti-trust matters and much more.

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