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About: SmartCinema – The ultimate solution for 2D+3D content. SmartCinema surmounts the content barrier. Our patent pending VR goggles can transform any content on any Smartphone into a stunning cinematic experience on the move. With the flip of a button you can shift between 2D (Full Screen) or 3D (SbS) view with no complex programs […]

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    About: Fringefy develops a visual search engine that helps people discover local content and services in the outdoor urban environment. While conventional local search is query or proximity based, Fringefy browses content by using peoples’ prime sense – vision. The engine enables mobile and wearable devices to see what the user sees, and […]


    About: MyQuest helps people reach their goals and dreams. Lose weight, find love, grow your business or run 5Km, we make any goal accessible and achievable! Although there are millions of mentors and experts that can help us making things happen. 92% of the people fail to reach their goals. (University of Scranton […]

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    About: Pixtr makes people photogenic. It understands the content of the image and uses it to automatically improve the pictures. With a touch of a button we detect the faces and analyze them we find the gender, age, face structure of the subject and tailor a solution that will fit him accordingly. We […]


    About: Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety – creating communities of people who are ready to help each other in times of need. Founded in 2012 by Shaul Avidov in Israel after two young women were attacked near a busy nightclub not far from his home. Shaul knew that if only someone in that nightclub […]




    Competitive Edge: shopnfly, the first online marketplace combining travel and shopping sectors. It saves travelers time and money on international shopping by creating a new direct channel to brands and retailers and a new revenue channel to the travel industry. Product Description: shopnfly is the first shopping marketplace for travellers. Input: trip origin, […]


  Sponger is a social crowd-funding game, based in the idea that small money from lots of people adds up to a big money. We’re starting up a community where everyone sponsor everyone else in a really fun way, giving people a real chance to fund their personal dreams. Sponger is the first player to […]




  Wibki is an easy way to browse and discover the Web with your friend. Wibki’s essence is its cloud based visual bookmarking tool. Instead of endless bookmark lists offered on current browsers, Wibki offers a beautiful homepage that contains the logos of the sites users save, thus enabling them a faster and more intuitive […]

Wondr.Me – Voice of Crowds

Online communication has advanced another step through the innovations of Wondr.Me, an Israeli startup that won the Startup grind Tel Aviv competition in February 2014. This startup is helping transform how information is shared online by making communication with the human voice a reality on internet forums. I couldn’t wait to meet the guys behind […]

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          Did you know that each day more than 200,000 hotel rooms worldwide are paid but stay empty? Travelers who booked a room and couldn’t make the trip, can’t get their money back. A market of $10 billion a year. Cancelon came up with the solution. We are the first online […]