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Invitation – Gil Ben-Artzy (UpWest Labs)

    Sponsors     Schindler Financial Consulting and Outsourcing provides financial services to startups, technology companies and local branches of multinational companies that do not have in-house financial expertise. We supply our clients with high quality and cost effective solution that covers the full range of financial department functions.     EY Israel (Kost […]



    Competitive Edge: shopnfly, the first online marketplace combining travel and shopping sectors. It saves travelers time and money on international shopping by creating a new direct channel to brands and retailers and a new revenue channel to the travel industry. Product Description: shopnfly is the first shopping marketplace for travellers. Input: trip origin, […]

Moshe Hogeg (Mobli)

Moshe Hogeg is an Israeli Businessman and Tech Entrepreneur. Moshe is the Managing Partner and Chairman of Singulariteam, a Private Investment Fund dedicated to assisting early stage tech companies requiring seed capital and is considers to be one of Israel’s top private investors. Moshe also serves as Founder and CEO of mobli, a real-time visual […]

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