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Guy Gamzu (Angle Investor)

Guy Gamzu – Angel investor since 1997. Guy’s focus is pre-seed tech ventures. He was the first investor of some great Israeli startups, including Passave, Fraud Sciences, and MediaMind. Guy is currently involved in several startups, including Eyeclick, eToro, Fiverr, MoonActive, LifeBeam, Generaytor and Hop.                     […]

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Wondr.Me – Voice of Crowds

Online communication has advanced another step through the innovations of Wondr.Me, an Israeli startup that won the Startup grind Tel Aviv competition in February 2014. This startup is helping transform how information is shared online by making communication with the human voice a reality on internet forums. I couldn’t wait to meet the guys behind […]

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          Did you know that each day more than 200,000 hotel rooms worldwide are paid but stay empty? Travelers who booked a room and couldn’t make the trip, can’t get their money back. A market of $10 billion a year. Cancelon came up with the solution. We are the first online […]